QuantoPhase™ Shearing Wavefront Sensor

QuantoPhase Shearing Wavefront Sensor

High-resolution sampling at an unbeatable price – $4,999

The QuantoPhase™ Digital Shearing Wavefront Sensor provides precision wavefront sensing solutions for optical metrology and laser beam characterization. Our patented wavefront sensing technology provides robust and affordable devices with customized wavelength range with the lowest cost per sampling pixel: $4,999 for 512 x 512 sampling.

QuantoPhase™ Digital Shearing Wavefront Sensors are based on a novel, patented computational algorithm and does not rely on conventional microlens arrays.  High performance operation is driven with image capture (amplitude and phase) and analysis software compatible with Windows 7 or 10.

Product available for purchase now.

Technical specifications

The optical specifications of QuantoPhase™ wavefront sensors are given below:
  • Sampling: up to 512 x 512
  • Spatial resolution: 42 microns
  • Precision: lambda / 100
  • Dynamic range: 100 x lambda
  • Wavelength: 1064 nm / 532 nm (user specified)
  • Optical bandwidth: ±100 nm at operational wavelength
  • 1064/532 model covers 632.8 nm HeNe
  • Limited by silicon camera response (≤1080 nm)
  • Detection area: 11.3 mm x 11.3 mm
Additional features of QuantoPhase™ wavefront sensors include:
  • Calculation of Zernike/Legendre coefficients
  • Beam propagation calculation based on measured wavefront
  • User-specified wavelength: visible through NIR
  • Up to 10Hz data rate
  • Externally triggerable capture
  • USB3 communication
  • Included software for capture and analysis