Medusa™ Fiberized Microlens Array

Medusa Fiber µlens Array

High-density, laser-welded, fiber-optic arrays for precision and robustness

Medusa fiberized microlens arrays offer nearly limitless scaling for fiber interconnects that cannot be matched by competing technologies. Laser-welded fibers ensure robust adhesion and 100% fused silica beam path, while automated alignment guarantees performance specifications regardless of fiber type.

Dense-packing with configurable placement

Medusa fiberized microlens arrays can be pre-configured to provide any fiber density any location for any type of fiber, including mixed fiber types. Epoxy-free path provides uninterrupted silica path for highreliability applications such as datacenter interconnects, silicon photonics interconnects, or kW-per-fiber beam combination.

Technical specifications

The preliminary specifications of Medusa fiberized microlens arrays are given below:
  • Fiber type: SM, PM, MM, LMA, or mixed
  • Number of fibers: 128, or user defined to over 1024
  • Fiber configuration: hex-pack, square pack, or user defined
  • Center-to-center spacing: user defined ≤ 250µm
  • Pointing error: ≤ 2.5mrad
  • PM fiber co-alignment: ≤0.3°
  • Connector loss per channel: 0.5/1.6dB (avg/max)
Manufacturing features of Medusa fiberized microlens arrays make them suitable for integration into high-density expanded-beam connectors. Such features include:
  • Bar-coded fibers for easy correlation to microlens location
  • Mounted or unmounted microlens array
  • Epoxy filled (not in path) for hermetic strain-relief