Cavityless™ Tunable Picosecond Pulse Source

Cavityless Tunable Picosecond Pulse Source

Ultra-low-noise, 40-GHz laser pulses with seamless ultrawide wavelength tuning

The Cavityless™ Series tunable picosecond pulse source is the first ultrafast fiber laser which provides ultra-low-jitter pulses without relying on mode-locking and its inherent instabilities. The new technology provides programmable-rate, pulsed laser output with true continuous λ-tuning uninhibited by the traditional use of optical cavities.

Seamless ultrawide tunability

Free from the typical constraints inherent to cavity-based mode-locked lasers, the Cavityless Series is the first laser source to combine seamless wavelength tunability and continuously programmable repetition rate that simply cannot be matched by conventional mode-locked technology. The Cavityless Series is the first laser to simultaneously provide:
  • True continuous (mode-hop-free) C+L wavelength tunability
  • Short pulses (< 2.5ps)
  • High, programmable repetition rate (up to 56 GHz)
  • High power (200 mW)
  • “Instant-on” turn-key operation without cavity stabilization or locking

Excellent pulse shape with high extinction ratio

Technical specifications

The nominal optical specifications of Cavityless series fiber lasers are given below:
  • Pulse repetition rate: 40 GHz
  • Pulse width ≤ 2.5 ps
  • Temporal jitter ≤ 45 fs
  • 3dB time-bandwidth product ≤ 0.60
  • Output power: 50 mW
  • Amplitude noise < 0.1%
  • Extinction ratio ≥ 20 dB
  • Tuning range: 1530-1562 nm
  • Degree of polarization ≥ 20 dB
Additional options and features of the Cavitiless series include:
  • Designable and tunable repetition rate, internal or user supplied
  • Sub-ps pulse width
  • C+L tunability
  • User-defined optical input
  • Synchronization via clock output
  • FC/APC receptacles at input and output
  • Turn-key operation